CodeIgniter Login System

I have just completed an excellent course on CodeIgniter 3 from and would like to build my own practice application now. But eventually, I would like to turn it into something that could be used by an organization.

I understood the login system in the course - it was quite simple and straightforward and used Bcrypt. I would be able to expand it to involve different views for different user roles on my own.

My other option would be to use the CodeIgniter Ion Auth login system which was recommended to me. It seems to be a system that tries to cover all the bases. But I am struggling to figure out how to integrate it into the application because I am so new to CodeIgniter 3.

My question - other than more bells and whistles, what would be the main difference between the tutorial system and the Ion Auth system that would compel me to not try to build one on my own? Would the security of the tutorial login be totally insufficient?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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