Codeburner not working


I installed Codeburner, but it seems that it doesn’t work.

In Firebug, I can see the Reference tab, but clicking on it does nothing. I see nothing but a blank page. Also, clicking on “Help” doesn’t cause anything to happen. Either something doesn’t work, or I missed some basic settings.

I use Mac 10.7.4, Firefox 13.0 (German), Firebug 1.9.2, Codeburner for Firebug 1.6.

Thanks a lot… Here is what I get:

Exactly the same for me. I installed yesterday (6/Aug/12) on Firefox 14, Firebug 1.10.2 and nothing happens when I select the Reference tab.


I’m sorry to hear this but the forum is not related with SP business and SP were the ones who developed the tool… hopefully they’re aware of this and it has been sorted during these few days… have you tried to contact them directly?