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Hi everyone ,I run a small home based decal business and ive been screwed 3 times now . is my website…
Been ripped off Twice by local businesses who does this and once from someone online.Im already in the hole for alot of money which i dont make alot . It comes and goes …,Im disabled as well so i do what i can when i can ,small jobs is very easy for me , Large jobs come and go and after a large job im usually down for a few days with my bad back 3 surgeries from a job injury back in 2004,

So im hoping someone will be gentle for what they may charge . What i need is a Price calculator that will do a Width and height total. Plus have the option of choosing colors to pick from…I have all the color swatches from my supplier. I can provide a couple sites i found that i like how its setup, if there is a way to copy their coding from their site… I lost 400 from the first guy i paid cause he never got back to me after many months and wouldnt return my calls and he was charging so much cause he was also doing a new website but he skipped out, and the other guy was only going to charge me 75 cause i wanted just the calc for my website on vista print… I can use html coding on the site,i have tested a few i found but not what i need, So If im able to ask for help and pay someone to help me in need i would be very grateful and im willing to do trade work if you want… Here is a couple sites i found i like, — I really like this one.
For this one i only need the Vinyl Lettering, no drop down boxes for the other junk… , not all the other junk… I can use this for banners,lettering etc… And thats the same for the other sites, I dont need all of it…

I have very very little experience in coding cause i just dont have the time to learn it ,But i will need to be able to change the cost and have a difficulty multiplier also to choose from for the price…

I can provide someone who takes this my info to access my website etc.
If i cant get help with this then ill just forget about it …Just trying to add a new feature to my site… Thank you Dwayne from california. If you need to contact me , look on my website for my number… Thanks

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Welcome to the forums @dpippin72

Regarding asking about someone doing paid work for you, we actually don’t allow any soliciting for business (paid work) in the forums, otherwise it would descend into plethora of adverts and spam. Though if someone were to contact you privately, that’s your business.
However there a lot of very helpful and talented people here who may be willing to help and advise, but not necessarily do all the work for you.

For a calculator, I imagine javascript would be the appropriate tool for the job. I have not yet looked at the examples you gave, but if it is js (a front-end language) it should be possible to see their code via “view source” in your browser to get an insight on how they are doing it. Js is not my forte, so I’m probably not the one to help you with that, but there are other around who are good with js.


Oh ok and thank you and im sorry .Well hopefully someone will chime in…Thank you again for the Info.

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