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Hi there everyone!

I apologize if this is not in the correct location. I know so little about this that I’m not even sure where it belongs.

My brother and I are going after our dream and starting up an ecommerce site. I have written the shopping cart(well, the most important bits). What we’d like to do now is make some of those nifty graphics that you see on every website selling something that’s used to market something. Since we sell offroad parts, it’d be a 4x4 truck with savvy text and cool stuff making people want to click on something to learn more.

The problem is neither of us are graphic designers. When it came time for a logo, with suggestions from the forum, we used 99designs to go through the bidding and voting process, which we were happy with. I don’t think that’s the way to handle every time we need something like this done, however.

So I’m asking you guys and gals; how should we handle something like this? Is there a site akin to 99designs but that is a bit quicker for smaller projects? We would just like a way to get in contact with people that do this type of thing for a living and can pop out small projects like this quickly and for a good price.

We live in the middle of the woods and neither of us personally know anyone in this line of work or we wouldn’t be bothering this fine community with such a silly question.

Thanks for your time!

Well you can find developers anywhere. Lot of sites like and various sites similiar can help you find developers. But in development you get what you pay for. I feel its better to find a local developer with in driving distance as this can benefit you with face to face communication and make it easier to work with the developer for your needs.

There is various ways to find a developer but i would start with local resources to find a developer such as local classifieds, community website’s, etc…

The thing you are gonna find is you can hire a non local developer but sometimes it just needed to get that face to face time. And with many of the freelance or contact based sites to find a developer you will hire developers outside of the USA or your country and that could present language and task development barriers which can cost you more in the long run. So take your time and research developers for there abilities and location.

If your are seeking a serious expert this tends to cost much more but they are also setup to handle your kinds of request more smoothly so please understand that hiring a developer can be a nightmare or a blessing so choose wisely.

Thanks for your suggestion, jgetner. It looks like 99designs might not be such a bad avenue after all.

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