CMS for easy creating of copies of webpages

Hello again!

Can you please be so kind and help me with the following?

Let us say that I want to easily create copies of some webpages included in my website.
Can you please try to find a CMS system, which would really enable to MAKE and also ORGANIZE these copies easily, intuitively, with good organization of these copies and fool-proof?

Many thanks again for your kind help!


Unless I’m missing something, it sounds like what you’re looking for is a version control system.

This would allow you to keep backups of all your files, and you could revert back to earlier versions if you make a change that makes your site blow up or something.

You could also just try “right-click” -> “copy” -> and paste, giving it a new name. Sort of a crude, home-grown versioning. :smiley: SVN is probably a good place for you to start, but there’s also git and mercurial (either of which might be a bit much for someone with simple needs).

Is this what you were getting at, or have I just completely missed your point, here?

Hello again and many thanks also in this thread!

What is SVN? (subversioning?)

If I am not mistaken, the best solution for me would be if I were able to make versions:

  1. individual pages
  2. complete website

Can you please kindly recommend me the best CMS for this? (Joomla, Mambo or others?). Very easy and intuitive management, please?

Many thanks!