Client wants to edit own site?

So there is this company that would be interested in me redoing their websites. Their only condition is that they should be able to edit their websites on their own. Like one of their websites is an e-commerce website that has a login button just for them (not for the customers even though its visible on the homepage) and once they sign in they can fill up a form and upload any new items. How can I get that done?

The site can be built on WordPress. A good book to get started with it is Professional WordPress. There are also many good book on theming Wordpress.

If we are talking a small amount of products than something like Wordpress would probably suite. However, for a more robust option look into Magento. You could also recommend using an online service where everything is hosted remotely by a service provider but there is a monthly fee.

You need some sort of Content Management System to do all that. However, to find the best system for your clients needs you’ll really have to do some homework or post a list of specific requirements so a best match can be suggested.

It’s all very well people throwing names into the ring, but even Wordpress isn’t always the most appropriate option.

bluedreamer is absolutely right. I don’t know a thing about CMS but it could be that learning curve to edit are not acceptable to your clients. Know the requirements and determine what technology to go with. You may end up creating your own cms if the requirement is very simple.