Chrome: Sliders not working

Hi everyone,

I have in my webpage two sliders that on local were working well, but now that are on the net, they are not working. What I can see is that the slider, that should be like inline-block, it is displaying as it was flex.

I can share the page link so that you can see with your eyes. In Firefox and Safari everything working well.

Thanks in advice!

Please do. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is the link:

As you will see, in Safari and Firefox the sliders are working perfectly, but not in Chrome. I suppose is because the slider is not taking the features correctly.

Thanks in advice!

Both the sliders seem to be working in Chrome for me unless I am misunderstanding what you meant. They seem to look the same as Firefox.

Do you have a screenshot of the problem?

Make sure you have cleared your cache.

Thanks for your help,

I keep having the problem, I share a photo so that you can see what happens in my case:

To clear Chrome caché, do I have to delete all the navigator historial?

You have two navigation arrows on that screenshot but there is only one in Firefox and Chrome (even when sliding) which makes me think you have a different page there?

Open devtools in Chrome and then once open you can right click on the refresh icon which is left of the address bar on the main browser and you will get a submenu to do a hard reload or a normal reload or empty cache and hard reload.

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You were right! Once deleted the caché, is working ok.

But, Can I do something with the code so it does automatically? Some people may not know how to solve this problem.

Thanks again!

I doubt that other people will have the same issue unless you are changing your pages constantly but when you update a css file you could add a version number to the css file url and then a new css file would be requested.



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