Chrome and Firefox reloads the page on back event

Hi guys,

We are developing an application with ASP.Net and C#. We have a back button (html link) on few pages, by clicking on back button it triggers the browser back event. So user will be able to see his last viewed results (by going only one level back).

We are calling “window.history.back();” function of Javascript to achieve this, but the problem is that its working fine in IE but not in Chrome and Firefox. Whenever user clicks on the back button, Chrome and Firefox reloads the page from server and execute all the server side events.

What we need is simply go to one step back without reloading or refreshing the page.

Please help…

Thank you for your time and help…

Whenever you have a state that you want people to be able to go back to, that is when you should set a fragment identifier in the address bar. Web browsers will go back through those different fragment identifiers that you set, and you can then take action on the page based on the what is currently in the url.