Cherry blossom picture frame

Took my cherry blossom image and made a frame for it. Looks like those animated pictures that were seen some years ago. The ones that lit up when plugged in :slight_smile: . Any ideas on how to improve it?

Visually? Loose the image border. :slight_smile:

@Erik_J well I changed the frame color, and am thinking to change the so called glass. It looks very plastic like right now lol :laughing:

Also took out the box shadow. Looked really odd, and took all my attention away from the rest of the picture.

It looks a bit flat and the drop shadow could do with fading out. Below are a couple created on a site I was making. I never got around to finishing it as mine have more depth but could be improved, Try it out here: Image effects tools (


@Rubble, it looks gorgeous. I can see you like spiders there btw :slight_smile:

Thanks @ladans37 and I am not a spider fan but I think that one works well as a avatar.

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You’re welcome @Rubble. Oh ok. Looks like the brown recluse.

Are you a spider fan?

I have taken few spider photographs but have been concentrating on Dragonfly’s lately.

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Haha naw, but I do like certain ones. The jumping spider, and the wolf spider. Very fuzzy! I like dragon flies too.

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Just finished further editing on this, and it’s looking a lot better.

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