Chat forums

Any good tips where i can learn, how to learn to put a chat forum into a website…

Thanks for any reply

Many hosting providers provide this feature, you should check with them.

I am moving this thread to Java forum because most chat solutions I know for the web have been built using Java, so maybe they’re able to provide further help.

I am confused here, do you mean chat room or forum? Because you say forum which would mean something entirely different to a chat system. In either case you should find installation instructions on the creators website, their usually VERY easy to follow and require little more than uploading the files, running the install script, filling in some details and letting the app do all the work, if you tell us what your installing we can assist you further. :slight_smile:

Sorry i meant chat room, thanks for youir reply

This one seems pretty simple, perhaps it’s worth giving it a try (it uses Flash, not Java which will be better for visitors) :slight_smile: