Charging Clients for Hosting / Domains

Hello Community,

I´m a Webdesigner also reselling Domains and Hosting to my Clients. In the last years i wasn´t able to figure out a good workflow for charging my clients for the hosting and the registered Domains. Most of the Clients got more then one Domain witch were registered at different times troughout the year of course. How do you handle those things? Is there a fancy piece of software (Mac) for that purpose? Maybe theres a Extention to Plesk?

Thanks for your inspiration…


Are you doing by hand? It really depends on how you’re handling your invoices… you need to do the process as automatic as possible… this could mean to buy a specific software or create your own database that will do automatic invoicing or send you reminders so you don’t forget to get the invoice out.

I did the second because I had all the information in an old Access database and I wouldn’t be bothered to do much about it… except programming a little bit so I didn’t have to worry about the whole thing. After all, I only have a few domains and sites from customer, and my main problem is that because I didn’t have a habit of checking every day which domain/hosting was about to expire, I never invoiced on time. That’s why I automated the whole thing… so I wouldn’t forget :smiley:

I would also recommend looking into your domain registrar and find out if they have the option to consolidate your domains. By doing this, you will sync all of the domains you select to renew on the same date. That way you do not have to keep track of which is expiring at which date and making sure you renew and invoice on time.

Personally I always offer my clients the option to pay for their hosting and domains on a yearly basis (your domain is good for a year, why not renew your hosting for the same period). So by doing this, I can bill them for everything once, all of their domains renew the same day and only need to remember one invoice per year.

I prefer to focus on what I do best which is not hosting or domains. I also like to let clients know that I want them to be in full control of hosting and domains, because I would never want to prevent them from seeking outside help should the need ever arise or should I not be available.

Thank you all for your answers. Right now i use a piece of Software called GrandTotal for Invoicing and another App “DomainBrain” for keeping my customers FTP, MySQL… data. I was thinking about coding my own App to do all those tasks including auto-generating invoces for repeating tasks. Maybe an MobileApp syncing data with a server.

Does any1 of you guys know if there´s a software like that out there?