Centering Anything Slider with Full bg image

Design - Official Website

My issue is that I need to center Anything Slider so no matter what the browser size it would adjust… like youtube does. I want to also have the background image the full width which I have done here - Official Website

So I’m looking for direction. Do I have to put it in a table?

First - Official Website - Alternate Design but I screwed up on coding.

I’m old and don’t know much but I’m tryin’. Thanks for any direction/help… I’ll even read simple source code if you have a site that would showcase this trick.

Sorry, John; I’m not quite sure where you are up to with this. The first link you posted hasn’t changed. Is that obsolete now?

The AnythingSlider code comes veww formatted, so it’s a pity all those tables have ended up in there. Anyhow, a few things you could do to start to clean this up are:

Add this to your style sheet

#slider {padding: 0;}

Remove the inline styles in red:

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" [COLOR="Red"]style="padding-left:35px; padding-right:20px; padding-top:30px; padding-bottom:20px;"[/COLOR]>

Add this:

#slider table {margin-top: 30px;}

And add this to stop the panels being see through:

#slider li {background: white;}

That won’t fix it completely, but let’s see where things are with those changes. :slight_smile:

Okay that was a good idea however… check the source code and you’ll see how this got set up to work after looking at your idea.

AnythingSlider | CSS-Tricks

Really appreciate the help as it gives another way to think about solving the problems I still might deal with. So far so good.


My next thing is to find a Youtube type script for this design. - Official Website - this might be my next forum question as I deal with centering the main vid with tumbnails like youtube.

Yeah, in this case I copied and changed the page (which I posted in the second note). I should have kept that page and just made a backup but I was working fast and worked on the copy (index10) by accident. Sorry about that. Essentially I’m done with this page now due to the help. Thanks, J