Causes of data loss in windows XP

I am doing research on data recovery tools and find SITEPOINT ,a wonderful platform to discuss this issue.

According to my knowledge the maximum number of Windows users are going with Windows XP.

There is no need to mention the importance of data in todays neck-cutting competitive world.

So, I decided to start a thread to discuss the Data Loss situations in Windows XP. I welcome all my dear expert’s views.

This is a web design and development community, so we don’t talk about desktop data loss much around here. I’ll move your thread to the computer software forum, though…

People still use Windows XP? Who knew! :smiley:

Here I got a Cause for data loss in Windows.

An interruption in Chkdsk process may lose data on hard drive.

In my opinion , since the chkdsk verifies the integrity of file system so, any kind of interruption could lead to this problem.

Your opinion please…

No it couldn’t, that problem can only occur if an interruption (such as power loss) happens during the Chkdsk scanning process. And Chkdsk ONLY runs either if the hard disk has suffered an integrity issue (which the OS will detect and run on boot) or if you ask the disk to run a scan (again this only happens on boot)… Chkdsk doesn’t run in the background (unless told to) and it certainly would be VERY rare for data loss to occur as the issue would have to occur when Chkdsk is trying to repair clusters on the disk. It’s not like the file system integrity is checked on a regular occasion (or while the OS is active).

Hardware failure or sudden power loss while the drive is reading is a good recipe for data loss.