Can't post in Website Design & Content reviews thread?


I’ve got a new site and I’m looking for feedback from you guys, but I don’t seem to be allowed to start a new thread in the “Website Design and Content reviews” part of the site?

Do I need permissions or something?

Help! :frowning:

Hi PeachySEO,

First off, be sure to read the following information:

Key notes to take away, you need to review 3 different designs/content and each review needs to contain 50 words or more and be meaningful and well thought out.

Provided you have done that, once you post a new thread, it is immediately thrown into a Queue for the staff to look at, review, and eventually approve (takes approximately 24-48 hours). Upon approval, your review request will become visible.

Hope that helps.

No problemo, thanks very much :slight_smile: