Posting Site Review Request


I’m looking to have a page on my site reviewed. But I’m not sure how to do it. It’s not clear how to post a new thread. It always says “you do not meet the criteria”.

I am aware that I must post three reviews (of greater than 50 words and that are specific and of good quality). I have reviewed more than 3 sites, and also provided follow up after getting responses back from the thread authors. I also believe that my reviews have been specific and of good quality. But when I try to open a new thread, I still get the same error.

It’s a really simple review I’m looking for. Just a first impressions of the design, and if the instructions are clear (in the context). It’s more or less, a two true or false question survey.

And having been a member for awhile (albeit in hiatus recently) with over 300 posts, I’m not trying to abuse the forum.

Hm, sorry you are getting that confusing message. Your review request did go through, and was just awaiting moderator approval. It’s up now, so all should be well. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks. Didn’t realize that it was held for review!