Cant get the logo to appear :-(

Hi From minus 4 degree C nearly Dark Wakefiled UK :frowning:

Here’s todays CSS problemo…

I’m trying to get a different top left hand logo to upload on the home page.

As in this one:

I added this code in an attempt to do so:

#header .plain {

<p class=“plain”> <a href=“index.html”> Pause </a></p>

But it just keeps loading up the wrong image. I know for sure I’m doing a css blunder but aint got the brains to figure it out :frowning:

Any insights welcome…

Hi, it IS loading hte correct image, however on “#header p a” you set a background image there and the image there is just basically “adding on” to the other image thus you are probably thinking it’s loading up another image.

Thanks Ryan problem fixed :slight_smile: And HNY 2010!!

You’re welcome :).