Can't find Service Configuration tool in Fedora 14

Hello All, I’ve built a test server running Fedora 14 installed onto disc from a live CD. I have been following instructions in the SitePoint book “Run your own web server using Linux and Apache” 2005 edition. I have installed all the patches and updates. I’ve used; system - administration - add/remove software to add additional items but can’t seem to find the service configuration tool. Any ideas?

Try installing the system-config-services package.

Thanks Doug, could you be more specific please? as to which of the numerous packages I should install. I searched for system-config-services but just got a load of package options.

On my fedora 14 computer it’s named “system-config-services”. For command line use ntsysv

These are the programs that let you control if daemons run on boot, what runlevels, etc.