Strange connection problem for just 2 users

I’m trying to track down a strange issue that only a couple of my site visitors are having. When they access any site on my server they have problems with extremely slow page loads and timeouts. When a page does load most of the images still won’t load. This has been a constant problem for them for about 2 weeks. It doesn’t come and go. I have hundreds of active members visit the site daily and so far only 2 members report this issue.

As a test I had those members visit other sites on my dedicated server and they experienced the same problem on all my sites. This makes me think it’s a server issue with their specific IP’s. All other sites (not on my server) load for them just fine.

The start of the problem seems to coincide with recent server hardening, which included a new firewall and IP blocking if too many connections were attempted. But my sever management guys have looked at the firewall, system log and apache log and those IP’s aren’t being blocked.

I’ve had these two people try clearing their browser history and cache, but it didn’t help.

What else can I try to determine what’s causing this problem? Thanks for any ideas.

Do you have access to the users? Have you tried getting them to use a different browser? What is the URL of your site?