Can someone assist me with my database for a piano business?

Hey guys!

I am going to start to put some videos on youtube and I would like to have a website where I will provide some free lessons but other lessons would be paid lessons. Can someone assist me with this personally? Cheers!

I’ve moved your post to General Web Dev, @piano0011, as it sounds as if you’re asking for help with more than just a database.

How far have you managed to get with this on your own, and what help specifically do you need?


Hi… i have had a bit of assistance from someone with my database but i think that person may have pulled out because he is busy. I have set up email activation… basically, I like to develop a website where users can watch some videos for free and then cab decide if they like to become a premium member. I have decided that the basic level is free, whereas level 1 lessons are paid etc but not sure how to set this up…

However, i am stucked in working out a code for email activation for php oop… i am still trying to learn the basic of php

What you are referring to is often known as a LMS – learning management system. I’ve built one in the past with Drupal for a client. That said there are several options there that would be much more efficient and robust than building your own. One that comes to mind is called Moodle. I’m not in the business of recommending Wordpress but for this type of small website it might be a good option as well. There are undoubtably plugins available to turn a Wordpress site into a LMS with video support. Much like building your own ecommerce system from scratch I think there are much better options out there. I don’t think I would ever recommend building this from scratch for a client without using at least a framework or more than likely an existing content management platform.

I hate to judge others but if you are having trouble with simple things like this you are going to have a very difficult time building a LMS. If you do manage to get it working it will probably be riddled with bugs, poor programming decisions, security issues, etc. All of which can be somewhat avoided by using a framework or existing content management platform.


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