Can I Stretch Text With CSS?

Is it possible to stretch text horizontally with CSS?

You can’t actually stretch the letters themselves as far as I know but you can stretch the text across the page using letter spacing

letter-spacing: 1.2em;

Not sure if that’s what you’re after though?

Thanks for your input.

I am talking about stretching the width of the letters themselves.

I don’t think so, it depends on the font.

I would never want to stretch a typeface, don’t you know people put their heart and soul into creating them? :slight_smile:

have you tried this ?


Agree with Mark, if it’s for a logo or heading then you’d be best using an image.

If it’s for text on a page then your likely to make it harder to read so I’d leave well alone.

That increases the font-size proportionately, it doesn’t stretch the text horizontally :wink: