CSS to make a font thin and tall?

can i use css to make my font stretched tall? i want to make fonts taller but keep the width the same. i’ve tried things like letter-height:20px, but with no success

I don’t think you can stretch letters like that :frowning:
An alternative could be; add the text to an image, and stretch the image - but this is of course bad design (using images for texts)

the311guy == using Windows 3.11? :smiley:

no im still using Windows 2.08

I’m not sure about keeping the width the same and making it taller, but you can make the width smaller and keep the height the same using the font-stretch property. I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure how well it works, but try it out and let us know!

Hmm, according to the table, NN and IE don’t support font-stretch…

Or maybe a fan of the band 311?

according to what table jofa?

The one in Adam P’s post:

doh!! sorry jofa, i missed that some how

bing! bing! bing! :]

IE and NS dont support it…