Can Facebook be replaced?


and you think snapchat and instagram are safe? Instagram is owned by FB and the 2 co-founders left last week as they didn’t like the way it was heading.

Only solution is to not put anything online you don’t want people to know, and still assume they will profile you somehow.


What’s the point of using Facebook right now?
For communication we already have semi-secure messengers.
I think it’s a social network for lazy people who have a lot of time to reed newsfeed about their hundreds of friends.

Do you agree?


Exactly! If I need to contact someone I use messenger. I use Instagram to look through new photos of my friends and I use Twitter to check the latest news. Facebook is no need for me anymore.
By the way, have you heard the latest news that FB forbids the mentioning of anything related to sex somehow? XD I mean even if two guys discuss the boobs of a cute girl in their chat - their messages can be deleted :)))


It’s so dumb! I agree! :smile:
How can anybody forbid sex? What’s next? They will forbid to talk about food? Sleep? Breathing?

But I really tired to use the dozen of apps while working.
And I don’t think that anyone cares to create any new and cool project.


What exactly do you need? A good messenger or a social network or something else?
I know that many blockchain based projects are announced and will appear soon on the web.
Maybe you’ll find something you’re looking for.


I don’t use Facebook for half a year.
Of course it break users privacy but millions of people don’t give a f___ about it. Well, all starts with what are you afraid of to lose.
The same with search engines. They collect all your data and then force you to buy anything according to your preferences.


Nope, I don’t see the competitor of FB. Lots of people are using this platform to communicate with others. And this is easy way to know about everything.


Not know about, I think that’s an illusion. I would rather say hear about. :wink:

Lots of would be experts airing their opinions and good posts quickly goes out of view.

IMHO. :slight_smile:


I feel Facebook can be replaced. Most of the user use Facebook as a medium to contact their friends. I deleted my Facebook account a few months back and haven’t regretted it.


That’s a good thing. I hope there be more people like you.


i don’t think facebook is going any where due to its monopolistic approach against its competitor, i mean you can see instagram, and whatsapp which were the biggest rival are now under it. and even snapchat has declined facebook may be in a lot of controversies but i don’t think it is going to die soon. i have read about the controversies of facebook has been involved there they have make a timeline it is a must read. if you want to go in the details


No one can replace the facebook from social media beacuse its highly used and its attached with day to day life, included me because i am adigital marketer this is promotion method for today generation.

Hope you understand.


That’s what I’m talking about - it became a promotional and marketing platform. It’s full of annoying ads. People now use it for promotion mostly and facebook earns a lot of money from it. I miss the times when it really was just a social network. And now people around me refuse it one by one…


Everything that needs to be said here has been said.

I’m afraid there are as many opinions as there are people here, so we’ll probably never come to a consensus, but that’s fine :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who joined in!