Can changing webhost affect traffic?

I may consider changing my webhost in the near future, but, if i change webhosts is there a possibility that it may reduce my current traffic in any way, even if its for the short term?

That depends on how you are getting your traffic. If it is via search engines, then yes your rankings ‘may’ take a temporrary hit, but they will come back. I think Google gives you a guideline on what to do to minimize the impact. You won’t be penalized long term for a simple switch.

As far as I know, changing webhosts has negligible potential to affect your search engine ranking one way or another another normal circumstances. Generally speaking, search engines could care less where your site is hosted. Changing domain names, of course, would be another matter.

unless you have long downtime you hardly would notice much difference.

It all depends on how you do the change.

If you get the site up and running on the new host and give the DNS change long enough to propagate properly before shutting down the old host then your site will be up constantly throughout the move and no one and no search engine will even notice that you have changed host.

If you shut down the old hosting first so that the site is offline for a period then it may have an effect.

I truely depends upon how one is choosing to change the webhost cz as far the traffic is concerned is doesn’t matter much cz one can obviously redirect from different webhost to new one (if one is keeping the old host alive).

If the new host has servers and IP addresses in your country, like shifting from one US based company to another one, and there are no long delays between the transfers and at the same time your new service provider servers are fast and loaded with resources, in 99.9% of cases nothing may go wrong. A mistake some people make is purchasing too cheap hosting accounts that are not uptime most of the time and after a while after the transitions, some rankings or indexed page drops may be experienced.

It is possible that you loose website traffic if the new provider has blocked some IP range, countries, etc. Or limitations of apache and php may not allow your visitors to enter your site.

Wouldn’t expect any long term effects on traffic by switching, unless the new webhost your switching to has problems or issues.