Can anyone else see the website?

I have a Hostgator reseller server. I’ve added websites to it numerous times (my own personal sites and client sites). So, I’m not a newbie at this.

However, I’m having the worst time with this new client’s site.
  • It pings to my server.
  • The right name servers are in the domain registrar.
  • The right DNS info is listed in the server.
  • I’ve even reduced to the TTL, refresh, and retry numbers.

And yet you still get “this account is suspended” which is from the previous hosting company. If everything has been pointing to my server since roughly 8:00 p.m. EST last night, why is the previous hosting company still returning a page?

You can kind of see the site at:

I’m not sure why that is. But the stylesheet isn’t being picked-up.

What am I missing?

It can take up to 48 hours for domain info to update (propagate) around the world, so perhaps wait just a bit longer. The site comes up fine here in Australia.

See, that’s weird. Because I had reduced to the TTL to 20 minutes (like I’ve done before when there was a time crunch with a client’s site) and still nothing.

What’s funny is that after 2 tries in 10 minutes, the site comes up on my husband’s computer, which is 2 feet from me. But it still doesn’t come up on mine. :shifty:

Thanks for being a second pair of eyes, Ralph!

Comes up fine for me too ! :slight_smile:

Oh, this is so not fair! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in western NC and my partner on this project is in Raleigh.

He can’t get it on the wireless network, but he can plugged into the hard line.

I’m in AT&T DSL and I still can’t get it. Yet, my husband’s computer can and we’re on the same router/modem!


Your site is propagating successfully for me. I’m in St. Louis, MO.

Try clearing your cache and temp internet files in your web browser, then see if you can access the site.

I know your frustrations all too well. I’m currently dealing with the same issue waiting for a site to propagate back to its correct DNS servers… Sad part is, it was my mistake in the first place that caused the initial issue. :rofl:

gives the stink eye This really is starting to get annoying.

Yup, have dumped cache, etc several times now. Ran CCleaner, restarted computer, restarted modem and router.

I’ve NEVER had a domain propagate this poorly before.

Sometimes it takes longer for some and others it does not…

It is frustrating. I do agree.

decides to be all dramatic for levity sake

back of hand on forehead, striking dramatic pose, faking fainting


At least I get to watch last night’s episode of Castle while I wait.

Thanks for everyone helping out. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going insane in the membrane. Although, if you ask my hubby, he may say the jury is still out on that one. (:

Ok, now I’m still confused. - pings to my server - pings to the previous hosting company

The domain registrar says: - points to my name servers

When you buy a domain (or transfer it), it shouldn’t make a difference between www or no www … they are both the same, right? (I believe the domain was transferred. We were all able to view the www domain name just fine prior.)

If those of you who previous posted above are able to see the www. version … how - if the previous hosting company has the “account has been suspended” placard up.

EDITED: And yet the whois has the name servers pointing to my server for the www. version

Hello Barbara!
I believe I did everything correct and I tried to acess to your web site as with WWW and without and got absolutely the same content.
I believe that was a time related problem with your web site and old cache.

See, that’s weird. Because I had reduced to the TTL to 20 minutes (like I’ve done before when there was a time crunch with a client’s site) and still nothing.

Well, nobody can force a third party to actually obey your TTL. They should follow the settings you give, but there’s no law against not doing so.

Both the www. and the non www version work fine on my end.

You do seem to have some DNS issue to look into though: intoDNS: - check DNS server and mail server health

Yes I can view the site without getting any problem.