C++ Programming Website / Forum

Hey, I don’t know whether this should go in here or some other of the Program Your Site sub-forums…It’s programming but not Websites!

I want to get into C++ Application Programming so I’m first obviously going to collect as many online free resources as possible before I buy any books. I’ve done a tiny little bit of C++ programming before on the Windows console but I want to actually buy a few C++ books and get to grips with it this year! (Or should I say next year? I really mean 2011.)

Does anyone in here know what would be the C++ equivalent Website or Forum of SitePoint :p? It doesn’t have to be as big as SP or sell books, but just a fantastic forum just like SP :slight_smile:

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper



A few links I’ve kept in my favorites, which have been helpful in the past.

I know about Stack Overflow, although I’ve never used it, I know it’s a very popular place. Is it any good for C++ though?

I also know about DevX (a tad bit) but haven’t heard of the third you suggested. Are you a member on either of them Force Flow? And have you used any of them for C++ programming related questions / subject discussions? Because I also have quiet a lot of good Websites in my favourites, but I wouldn’t suggest them to other people looking for help hehe.

Thanks for the links though! :smiley:

Anyone else know any good Websites or Forums for C++ application / console programming?

Andrew Cooper

They have C++ sections, which seem to be as popular as any of the other areas. I am signed up for all of them, but I’m not a regular member. I only post the oddball question I can’t find the answer for with google or on other sites I frequent. I’m also not a C++ programmer, so I can’t specifically vouch for the quality of the help, but I assume it’s as good as in the other topics.