Hello .NET forum

Sure maybe not the correct place for an intro but this is where I’m going to do some posting. I’m just starting my class an intro .net programming. We are using the sitepoint book BYO ASP.net 3.5 website.

Book looks very interesting.

My name is Ryan. :cool:

Welcome here Ryan. =)



Welcome to the forums. The sitepoint forums helped me out quite a lot while I started out with asp.net. I hope it does the same for you.

Good luck with the learning

What is Wcf in .net ? Is it used for windows applications?

Agreed. This is probably one of the most friendly forum ive seen so far.

Sitepoint is more than just a forum. Just look at the blue strip across the top of the pages to see everything there is, including products, articles and guides, blogs and more. You are right though, the community here is the best.

SitePoint is great for the Forum, however if you are looking for some blogs/articles on .NET you must look elsewhere. As we all know, .NET is “inferior” to the mighty, all powerful PHP…:wink:

I hope your sarcastic.

The PHP being all-powerful part? Yeah, that was sarcastic. The not having enough articles/blogs, no.


You just gave me an idea… :slight_smile: