Button Click direct to frame


I currently have a button in a flash website that when clicked directs to a URL.

Is it possible (in actionscript 2.0) to direct this button click to go to a frame in the flash file instead of to a URL?

Yes quotes for labels and numbers without.

Yes, remove the getURL(“http://whatever.com/”); and replace with:.

gotoAndPlay(frame_number or frame_label);

Replacing “frame_number or frame_label” with the actual number or label of the frame you want the play head to goto. :slight_smile:

BPartch, thank you very much.

Do I need quotes (e.g “2”) around the frame number or frame label inside the brackets?

I think you do for a label and do not for the number, but it has been awhile, so you might try with quotes if it does not work without. :slight_smile: