How to jump ist frame to 2nd frame

i am using flash mx 2004

suppose i have created a layer with multiple frames … i want the ist frame having no commond button on it should jump to another frame after 2 or 3 seconds …

the aim of project is … the ist frame having introduction about a project with no button placed on it to jump to another frame … i want the frame should stay for a while and the 2nd frame should open … hope i will be helped.

thanks in advance

use gotoAndPlay(frame_number) on the first frame. If you are playing an introduction in your first frame then simply use the method i mentioned at the last frame of your introduction movie, but make sure to use proper referencing.

I do not understand it properly here you said that i should put gotoAndPlay(frame_number) on first frame and then last frame of introduction movie … please help bit in proper way.

easiest way to do this is putting the keyframes properly on the timeline and then just let it play. this depends on the framerate of your file. so if for example it’s 20fps and you want it to wait 2 seconds and then move on to the next page or whatever you should space the keyframes 40 frames apart.