Build own UI on raspbian


I have a raspberry PI (V1) and a android Tv.

I want to build my own interface (graphical) launched at the start of raspberry and if possible to be able to receive command from my TV remote. (HDMI-CEC)

My raspberry is on Raspbian. (can be changed if necessary)

My question is how to build my own GUI, but I don’t want start the x-server. (it’s slooow).

I’m ready to use python, java, c++, or maybe an another language. Is there a library for do that ? Maybe an example ?

Thank for reading.


Hum… Not bad ! Thank for your link :slight_smile:

Edit: That not what I wanted. I want to connect my tv to my raspberry by HDMI. We can access to the flask interface only by a browser. I want to display directly to my TV.

Ah. Well, ever GUI I’ve every tried to run on my Pi Model B V1 has been slooow. I wouldn’t know where to look to start trying to build one yourself without some base running. Perhaps Chromium in Kiosk mode might be an option?

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Thank, chromium was the solution !

Yep np.

I kind of want to do this now. :slight_smile:

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