Latest Rpi 4 with 4Gb for 110 USD could replace and improve my current desktop!

I am curious to know what computer hardware combinations users would prefer.

This latest shirt pocket computer release is impressive and could dramatically change many existing setups. The quoted price includes, motherboard, 4Gb onboard memory, power supply, mouse, keyboard and two mini 4k monitor connections!

Coupled with mini memory cards that can now hold gigabytes of data, even Win 10 installation plus ample storage :), fast internet connections and many cloud storage systems making hard disk storage obsolete.

There are now expensive mobile telephones that are dockable but my personal preference would be the shirt pocket computer and an inexpensive mobile… because my current lifestyle seldom requires permanent internet connectivity in fact I am delighted to be isolated from constant internet interruptions.

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Hey John,

This is interesting question. I can only imagine that if the fabrication of slim case and reliable dockability / charging hookup that that this could be useful. For internet ( when you want it ) you could either hookup via wifi or hardwires and could tether to your phone also.

This would definitely be far less expensive than phones and can use a full instance of Linux so no need to build apps or buy expensive programs.

Nice idea!

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I am looking forward to buying a 4Gb version because I have one Gb version and although it uses the proprietary version RaspberryPi Linux it is only good for a single application.

The extra ram will make a tremendous difference and I will be able to retire my ancient desktop and expect etter performance…

Running Linux will be ideal because it takes less than one Gb of memory and currently I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with 9 applications open and only using 3.9Gb

I wonder if you’ve ever ran debian or linux mint as their RAM requirements are typically less than Ubuntu, the tradeoff is a more traditional looking OS?

Please post some pictures and details when you get it finished.

I first started with Linux Mint and ran it for a couple of years. When trying to solve problems Ubuntu always seemed to have more support so have been using Ubuntu for quite some time. Also tried a couple of different desktop themes but keep going back to the standard installation because I like a minimal version with no screen clutter or fancy desktop photos,

I tried Debian and was not impressed because of conflicts with the other distros on the SSD.

Fedora is the distro which also had conflicts and struggled with the installation. I would like to try and install again alongside Ubuntu but currently just had desktop graphic card hardware problems so started using a HP Pavilion laptop to run Ubuntu. No memory problems because there are 8 Gb installed.

RaspBerryPi are releasing the latest version of Debian early next month so will give that a try.

A friend in UK may be coming here soon and hopefully bring the 4 Gb version because locally the prices are extortionate.

I was disappointed that the RaspberryPi kit does not have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The additional cost would be negligible and reduce the clutter of wires.

Yes I currently run Ubuntu on my wife’s computer - very solid. I run Mint on my Son’s old laptop and he also has a fast gaming computer with dual boot Mint / Windows 10+

I guess in the world of RaspBerryPi the linux would have to play nice with it and so likely a custom version optimized for the Pi might be more stable.

I am glad a friend is bringing a reasonable cost version of the 4Gb it makes it easier to do this test :slight_smile:

I was disappointed that the RaspberryPi kit does not have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The additional cost would be negligible and reduce the clutter of wires.

Does it come with Bluetooth - in a quick search I saw most bluetooth is ensabled through a Pi module?

I recently acquired a secondhand HP laptop with 8 Gb ram running Windows 10… I had forgotten how busy desktop was and especially the infuriating popups :frowning: I am delighted to say that Ubuntu is now installed :slight_smile:

The newest device from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, comes with both built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. Like with most things Raspberry Pi , it doesn’t come working out of the box, though. Even after you install NOOBS or Raspbian , you still have to do some work to get Bluetooth up and running.

Apparently according to reviews the hardware runs very fast especially the network download speed. No doubt this will alleviate the need for excessive ram making movies judder free.

I like the idea of having the latest and faster Bluetooth built in and really looking forward to using a faster keyboard and mouse :slight_smile:

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