Bug tracker written in PHP

Would you please suggest me the nicest bug tracker written in PHP?

I am using Mantis since years. But their coding is too old.
Plus, the new version aimed to use the twitter API.
This does not work any more.

It would be good, if I can send by bug requests over the Twitter as well. The change in login system (ooauth) killed the way, the old Mantis updated the twitter.

Which application are you using?

You won’t like this, but to my knowledge (having looked high and low recently) a decent bug-tracker is hard to come by without paying out of the nose for it. There’s a reason why many software firms write their own, despite how crazy it sounds.

In all fairness, I’ve not upgraded MantisBT since I’ve installed it so I’ve not noticed any problems.

We’re just started running Mantis at my work place after a month-long battle to get Redmine installed on our host (which apparently supports RoR).

I am really crazy about posting tweets via Mantis, that I am using.
It seems good to have some tweets once somebody inside our network updates the bug status in local Mantis. At least, we can do it for open source apps.
Or, make more competitors keep watching us, with the updates.

Redmine does not seem as good has Mantis, though it has some pretty good features, like time tracking. (Some third party patch is also available for Mantis, for that).

I am also in the battle to install redmine in a local server.