Broken Links

Hey all.

I found a problem whilst browsing through the forum rules/FAQ (gotta get acquainted, yeah?)

Here’s the link.

The links for Design Elements Guidelines and Website Review Guidelines are broken.

Is that on purpose? I have a feeling it’s not.


Note: When I say broken, I mean that the linked-to page is a page that declares that I don’t have permission to view the webpage. For this reason, it might not work for administrators. I only report it as broken because I would think that SPF staff want everyone to see the guidelines.

Additional note:
I didn’t want to spam the board with another thread, but can we still change the appearance of the board?

Good catch, @TehYoyo. This is a job for @HAWK. The forums have been tidied up a bit recently, and these three review forums have been merged into one here:

Thanks. Glad it helped.

Shucks…I just read the old guidelines :frowning: I guess I have to read Paul OB’s report…)

Glad I could help.

Any ideas on the appearance change?

Thanks for the heads up @TehYoyo;. I’ll get that sorted.

Not sure what you mean. The forums were recently restyled. You can suggest changes if you want, but don’t get your hopes up!

If you want to, you can set up your own style sheet for these forums and change the look to suit yourself. You just install this in your own browser.

Under ‘can I change how the forum looks?’

Also, I can install what onto my browser to change it?

Thanks and no problem.

The SPF itself doesn’t allow you to chose skins but some vBulletin boards do. Ralph probably meant customised style sheet: User Style sheets.

Yes, thanks Robert. That’s what I meant. :slight_smile:


Too bad. There seems to be no support for Chrome.

Interesting that this problem/deficiency would crop up at the time I create a ‘best browser’ thread…

You can use the Stylish addon for that purpose:

Added. Thanks lots.