BREAKING NEWS: It's Community Awards Time!

Deadline for nominations: November 25, 2013

If you’ve been a member of these forums for a while, then you’ll know that this place is rampant with questions, advice and debates covering the many areas of web design, development and online business. We’re lucky to have a community full of awesome people, who are more than happy to share their experiences. Each year we like to take the time to thank some of these members for their contributions over the past twelve months.

Everyone contributes in different ways around here. Some people provide answers, others encourage discussions or provoke interesting debates, and some just hang around and make us laugh (in a good way). Who do you think added the most value to our community over the last year?

You may nominate up to two people per award, and you don’t have to nominate for every award. For instance, if you only hang out in the CSS forum, you only have to nominate for that award. Nominate in as many or as few categories as you like.

For a person to be eligible for an award, they must have been a member of the SitePoint Forums for at least three months and have been active in the appropriate sub-forum at some point during 2013.
We will be verifying that the nominee actually wants to be in the running for the awards. While this is all in good fun and we want to recognize achievement and participation in the awards, there are those that would rather not participate for one reason or another. But we will look at each nominee!


Content For Your Site

Content Award
The prettiest site in the world will fail if the content isn’t up to scratch, so the Content Writing forum is there to help you build effective and engaging content. Please nominate the member(s) that you think have best helped others define and build their content.

Multimedia Award
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? How about a game? A podcast? Whatever is used, the Audio-visual Media forum helps our members get that content right. Please nominate the member(s) you think have best helped others provide effective multimedia content to their audience.

Photography Award
Imagery forms one of the foundations for web design, and one of the most powerful elements is the use of photography. This award is for the member who has displayed the best eye for photography this year, either by displaying dazzling images or dishing out the most helpful advice.

Social Media Award
Social Media has become one of the most powerful tools in any web developers arsenal, and using it can potentially make or break a site. Nominate the person(s) you think has the best understanding of social media AND has helped guide others in finding their way.

Design Your Site

CSS Award
CSS is one of the banes of the design world. You’ve got to know the ins and outs of every browser and how CSS plays with each one. Who do you think can make css get up and dance? Please nominate the member(s) that who you think have made the greatest contribution to the CSS forum this year.

COLOR=#696969HTML Award[/COLOR]
Where is a table effective? Do you need a div or a span or a p? What is HTML5 and where should it be used? You’ll find the answers to these questions (and more) in the (X)HTML forum. Please nominate the member(s) that you think have best shown that they know these topics and are prepared to help others to better understand for themselves.

The Dan Schulz Award for Web Design
There is a lot more to a solid design than just the placement of images. Web design incorporates many skills. You’ve got to understand design, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. You’ve got to know about accessibility and usability and balance. Please nominate the members you think have shown the best grasp of all these skills, and have been able to help others improve their own skills.

Program Your Site

PHP Award
This award goes to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the PHP forum, which happens to be the busiest of them all. Whether you’re a novice or are fully ensconced in the nuances of the language, please nominate the member(s you think have made the greatest PHP contribution.

JavaScript Award
This award goes to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the JavaScript Forum. What else needs to be said?

Database Award
This award goes to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the Database and MySQL Forums. This could be a SQL guru, a performance expert, or a database administrator who has helped you with installation and database management issues. Please nominate the member(s) you think have made the greatest contribution to the database area.

Programming Award
This award goes to the member who has made the greatest contribution in any of the following forums: Classic ASP, .NET, Ruby & Rails or Perl & Python. Please nominate the members you think have made the greatest Programming contribution.

Host Your Site

Web Hosting Award
Hosting is required for every site on the web, therefore I think we can all agree that it’s a fairly important part of our industry! Please nominate the members whose contribution you feel has most helped other members find (or provide) the best web hosting solution for their website’s needs and crosses OS, server technology, server-side and client-side scripting, databases, et al.

Server Management Award
Internet (and intranet) servers take on two basic flavors: IIS and Apache, each in their multiple active versions. This “choice” opens a world of problems as people must choose one over the other AND configure it to meet their needs. Please nominate the members you feel have made the most helpful contribution in the server area.

Manage Your Site

Internet Marketing Award
Ah - the worthy topic of Online Marketing is one that shouldn’t be ignored by any of us. It’s only the truly talented among us that can take a website and get rich off it. If someone has caught your eye by handing out good advice, handy tips or is just a generally welcoming and knowledgeable presence around the place, then please make sure you nominate them.

Business Management Award
It’s one thing to know how to design a pretty site, another to have the skills to write it, but knowing how to utilise that site to it’s maximum capacity as part of a viable business is a skill that I think we’d all like to have. If there is anyone lurking around that has outstanding knowledge when it comes to the business side of web development, then they deserve a nomination in this category.

Community Awards

Community Spirit Award
Our forums are nothing without the people that spend their lives erm… time here. Community Spirit is that sense of welcoming that makes a place feel like home. Some people are naturally good at making others comfortable and putting them at ease. Please nominate the person(s) that has demonstrated the best community spirit over the past year.

Staff Member of the Year
This award is open to any mentor, advisor, team leader or administrator here at SitePoint. Whether it’s listening to your feedback, being thoughtful and fair, or being the most welcoming - what traits do you find most endearing and important in our staff? Please nominate the staff members you feel have added the most value to the forums.

Member of the Year
And now for the most prestigious award of all - the Member of the Year. This member has made the most memorable, positive impact on the forums. This person will have been active, helpful and engaging across the forums, and will have left an impression you. They are embodiment of all that a community should be. Please nominate the member(s) that you think have best reflected the spirit of our forums over the past year.

** NOTE ** No staff members are eligible for the Member of the Year award - if they have worn or wear an orange, green, blue, red or black badge at some point over the past year, they don’t count.


all the best for award winners…cheers!

There are no winners yet! :slight_smile:
Right now you can nominate the members you think deserve an award, and then there will be the voting, and then we’ll have the winners. So if you haven’t done so yet, go do so nominating :wink:

New members are have chance in it or not? If yes how to go in the entire process.
Another question will there be different awards fro different categories?

Hi kellyperry15, welcome to the forums.

Because the awards are for

contributions over the past twelve months

it is possible that a relatively “new” member made noteworthy contributions.

In anycase, all members can take part in the nominations and voting.

The awards are different and the same.
They are “badges” that will display next to their posts for a year, each with its own title eg. “The Dan Schulz Award for Web Design 2013”
After the year, a “trophy” replaces the badge.

Does anyone else have this problem with Survey Monkey? Each tme I land on a new page, I get this annoying alert popup:

It was the same last year, and I think the year before, so I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this … so maybe it’s just me? :-/

I haven’t seen it…

Me neither. But I’m using FF, not Chrome.

Haven’t seen it either. Have you been toying with javascript configs or something?

No, I don’t think so. It’s just been what SurveyMonkey does to me every time I visit the site, and has done for a couple of years now. :frowning:

EDIT: just checked FF and it’s OK, so it’s obviously some tiff Chrome has had with SM that I’m not aware of. I supposed I should clear the cache or something.

Only a couple hours left to nominate!

Yes, I know it’s the 26th in parts of the world, but not where they survey is hosted, so there’s still time to recognize those that have helped you OR have taught you something this year…or even if they’ve spurred you on to learn something if they’ve posted interesting topics!

Nominations are now closed. Please stay tuned to see if your favorite member got enough nominations to be a finalist for the awards!