Brand promotion vs Keywords promotions

Can I use my brand word in before my keywords in the title of the page?

can any possibility to affect my promotion work in SEO?

If you are a brand and people know your product by your brand then you should use it.

yes you can use your brand name if you think people know your product and it have some demand

A brand word may always be a keyword and however in terms of SEO it is necessary to find the importance of the brand word by doing keywords analysis. If the brand word doesn’t have good traffic then it is waste of work to promote the brand name.

I think promoting brand name is good idea but your title of the page should give an idea about your content of that page.So arrange your brand name and keywords in such a way that it easily show what page is about.And also use different titles for different pages.

Ok… thanks for your valuable reply… can I use my brand name as a Keywords? but main problem is that my brand have not much search volume… so what i have to do to get good traffic on website?

yes you can use them and they can come on 1st page but it will not give you much traffic so use also there KW too that have good search volume so you can get traffic. and one there thing if your brand have not much search volume use any good Ad program to get order

There are two aspects to brand marketing.

Obviously, your ultimate goal is to get a brand name that is so well known that people look for it directly - people search for ‘facebook’ or ‘amazon’ rather than ‘social networking’ or ‘online bookshop’. (And yes, people do search for ‘facebook’ rather than going directly to

But along the way, you can build up a brand that is at least recognised. There are certain websites that I know from experience are quite good, and so when one of them comes up in the search results, I’m more likely to look at it because I recognise the branding/sitename. Yes, you need to get your site high up in the SERPs to benefit from this, but it can be very useful in improving the click-through rate from search results pages.

The first 7 words of the title must contain all your target keywords. Thus, for better SEO, you can add brand name at the end of the title tag.

For better SERP’s, best practice is to optimize using combination of both brand name and keyword.

The first thing in selecting the keyword is to own your brand terms. Make sure that your website ranks for your brand. If you have competitors ranking on Page 1 for your brand, you want to force them out and own this space. Even though you may not get traffic for your brand you must optimize your site for your brand also. Its better to place the brand name at the end of site title tag.

I think it´s quite impossible to include all your target keywords within the title. I don´t recommend to string together all your keywords - the title is displayed to your visitors, customers, users etc. and should contain valuable informations for humans but not for bots.