Brainstorm your design

Which are the best techniques to brainstorm you web design with others. And how effective it is?

For me personally, I tend to write down (or write up a list of features) what I want my application to look and function like. If the feature doesn’t sound do-able, I’ll scratch it off my notes. When I create the application, I’ll start off small like writing a small 1 single file to test certain logic or feature. Then if I see the results I want, I’ll then write up a class and make it a little more advanced.

I usually start by creating a common menu then linking to blank pages to be filled with content.

I don’t usually start with the visuals right away. I tend to do the logic first. Then I’ll use Boostrap or something to do the visuals later.

It is not visuals that is started.

Create a folder with the project name and a “Hello world” page which includes/requires the incs/_menu.php.

The “_menu.php” file starts with declaring an array of menu items which are converted to HTML Nav links.

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

$items = [
// for each loop to create Nav menu items
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That makes more sense now. Your initial comment sounded like you start with the visuals first. I typically head to the drawing board before I start on anything. That way, I can always change something in my notes rather then winging it and adding in random features on the go.

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