How do YOU approach page creation from start to finish?

This is not a question about which is the right way or best way. I am just curious to hear how people create a web page from concept to complete code.

As for me, I hardly ever use PSDs for templates. Only if they are given to me at work. Photoshop’s not really good for prototyping, at last that’s how I see it. I jump straight into the code and just think of the order that the elements will appear in if you read left-right and top-bottom and add the major blocks of HTML that way.

Basically how it goes for me is, add the HTML that represents the coarse regions of the page, add styles to them, and then continue on with the finer details. I guess it’s just because this is the way I’m accustomed to, but I find it saves more time to me to actually rough out an HTML page than to make a mockup of it on Photoshop.

well, first i decide about a muck up for the page: what main blocks will i have. a bit like what nowadays is PSD used for, but back in the day you had to use pen and paper (later on i used power point and open office impress to make basic layouts). UI didn’t started with css and psd splitting, you know! :wink:

i also take “inspirational time out”, meaning i check around to see what others have done that i find appropriate for the project, or if i can use some of my old ideas i never find a place for yet.

then i put my main content in a text file, simply text. then i start to put tags around it, making sections.

when i’m done with the main content, i start with the navigational elements and make small changes as i go.

if i don’t get lost trying some new thing, i put them together and ask opinions around: my wife, co-workers, other family members.

Most of the time, there’s already a design that I’m told to copy or whatever, but the few times I’m been told “just make a site”, there hasn’t been any content. So, I basically end up doing what JJ does, except with code instead of Photoshop : (

Sites built without content should maybe be made illegal. The current content-less site we were told to make, we were told to take the content from a partner site. So far, we haven’t written a line of code. Maybe we’ll luck out this time and they’ll cave.

I sit down in front of photoshop and make it up as I go along.

My process is pretty straight forward… I start by mind mapping, wireframing and doing some rough sketches (usually on paper, sometimes via software) so that I have a plan of action. Once I know exactly how the site should fundamentally appear I then proceed to open up the code editor and start building each section of the page (and then the site) at a time. I do whilst building the site get ideas from inspiration galleries to see if there’s a potential implementation that is better than the method I considered and while coding I tend to have the odd process of layering elements (so I go through the list of HTML elements one at a time and wrap it around the content and structure as needed until I’m sure I’ve used the semantic element for the job). Sounds strange I know to go through all of them in order but I find it helps me ensure semantic value and that’s what’s important! Once the HTML is done, I do the CSS (and ensure it works in multi browsers and devices), then I do any necessary scripting (first unobtrusively at the client side and then server-side). Oh and post the sites completion I run a bunch of audits and checks for IA, UX, ID, IX (etc) to ensure everything is as finely tuned as possible. Yes my friends… I’m a neurotic code and design nut… someone needs to be these days! :smiley: