Boy's Favorite Age for Marriage

Yes, traditions have pretty much destroyed what should come at a time when the people involved are ready. I too think that you can fall in love at any age, as a child or as a very old person.

The picture or real life Joe?

The picture does exist, I haven’t just thought it up.

The real life Joe, as in a bunch of clones, no. But a culture has stereotypes. Which of course are just that - stereotypes.

But you see, there was supposed to be a grain of sarcasm in my statement, which would ridicule the stereotypes that this whole “the right age” thing means. :lol:

Philosophical and poetic correct eh? There’s more than that, it’s the way of nature, and means you’re still alive.

I know that Saul, I took it as such. The question by the OP is really pretty – how shall I say?

The question has implicit in it a stereo type, just as you said :slight_smile:

says who ? :stuck_out_tongue:

should be an “also” there…:rolleyes:

But anyway, I can’t see the world different than this. This is how it is supposed to be; - the whole idea or call it vision behind everything… this is what I choose to believe as I find it most correct from my point of view :slight_smile: (and i “also find it Philosophical and poetic correct” :wink: )

I think the right time for boys to get married is when they are ready to be a MAN

[FONT=“Georgia”]Amen, brother.


Well, if he can already raise his family.:cool:

27 ,28 probably. Thats when I believe he would be ready for responsibilities and have a job too

Which is probably why marriages don’t tend to last too long these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Deep voice, lots of hair, muscles, prankster, drinks occasionally, thinks about sex every 15 seconds… in otherwords… Australian. j/k :lol:

There’s a joke about vampires and necrophilia just waiting to be said there :x

If that were true I would probably give up trying to get married, everyone likes to be immature on occasion :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex, you certainly have a weird mind, to say the least :eek:

I guess I am not geek enough (or weird enough) to think about things such as necrophilia :scratch:

Having second thoughts… maybe I amm soooo weird that I don’t think about things like that :lol:

I can’t help it, my favourite TV shows of all time are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s spin-off Angel… what can I say :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

i guess boys are never ready for marriage.
only if they feel true love then they get ready for the commitment whether they be of any legal age.

Hi cutiejoe
why did you think “boys are never ready for marriage” mostly are ready too physically and mentally just they are waiting for that golden night.

This is probably true mate ! I am never ready to marry. I can stay bachelor for a long long time.

In my opinion the right age for the marriage of boys is 28-32. They need a good job before marriage. In my opinion boys getting matured only after 30 years of age.

That is so funny :smiley:

I guess boy’s perfect age to get married is betwwen 30-35 y/o.

IMO, it has no exact age, as long as he can assured to his wife that he can be a man to entered in the marriage. And can provide a good life to his future family.

According to my point of view the accurate age for boys is twenty two (22).