Minimum age for contents?

Hi all,
Here’s my question. My website has to do with going bald. I received a comment (not on a forum, but main blog page) from someone who says they are 11. I have not approved the comment, nor responded via email.
Can I post the comment, or should I summarize and post without using any names? Also, I am assuming I should not contact the person either. I don’t want to run afoul of any laws.
The comment was relevant, and I would like to be able to address it, but not sure if I should.
I guess I need to rethink my ‘terms of use’ policy???

You haven’t explained what the problem is. What stops you from approving the comment?

There may be laws that apply. I am not familiar with the law, but in the United States, there is something about allowing anyone under 13 to post information.

If you are in the U.S., you may want to check with your legal counsel.

12 year olds can’t post comments on blogs?

I am not a lawyer, and do not know the specifics. I do remember when the laws came out, many forums would lock out anyone saying they were 13 or younger. That was to protect them from reading any adult language. If those laws changed, I wouldn’t know if they were more or less strict. That is why I suggest legal counsel.

The laws in regards to what’s been stated are both ageist and unenforceable and were put into action by bureaucratic individuals who got scared at all the reports of paedophiles using the Internet and therefore tried to enforce some kind of control on a system which is entirely unappeasable to produce such unrealistic methods of preventing such activities. Most forums have a checkbox which asks people to acknowledge their over 13 (at their own disclosure) and that’s good enough for most people to disclaim liability for the child lying - as it would be the parents responsibility to monitor their kids activities.

If the comment wasn’t offensive and added to the discussion, I would be tempted simply to remove any personal information from the post (like them claiming their age) to protect the child and allow it to slide unless explicitly asked to remove it. That way you’re taking reasonable action to ensure their safe and you’re not going to insight a flame-war where young people claim your discriminating against them and violating their right to free speech - trust me, I’ve seen conversations turn VERY nasty when people start getting censored because of their age. I don’t envy your situation but unless your site contains adult material, it’s what I would do. :slight_smile:

i dont think it matters unlesss its an adult site.