What Relationship Age Difference Is Acceptable

What is the ideal age difference in a relationship? When you see someone married to someone else with 10 years difference between them do you find it creepy?

Discuss away.

I’ve never had any older girls, I’m immature haha.
Personally only dated girls 3 years younger, I was 20 once and a girl 17. We didn’t do illegal things, but It felt kinda weird. Didn’t last long.

My sister… Likes older guys, not for money. Her boyfriend was a nice guy, I liked him especially because we had long PC talks - haha. She was 19 and he was 30. Yeah, I know, I don’t like it but I can’t control my sister. After I met him the age washed away because he felt like he was 22 :stuck_out_tongue: Didnt look 30…

I dont think its a big deal, though the common thing you hear: Oh shes just with him for money.
Who cares what anyone else thinks though :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, 10 years is perfectly alright. Once it goes over that, it gets a little strange.

For men 60. For women 10.

+1, my father is ten years older than my mother and there’s no problem.

Personally, as long as both sides are happy with the relationship, I reckon there’s no problem whatsoever. Might be cultural, though:

I mean, if their romance lasted 24 years, both sides were probably happy, and I’m not the one who would say it’s wrong.

Id better not comment too much except to say I prefer older more mature woman. I seem not to be able to relate to those my own age and younger.

The rule is halve your age and add 7…!!!

I think it’s up to the people involved and no one else (unless one of them is under age or being unduly influenced). I’ve had relationships with people a lot older than me (well, less than 10 years, but only just). They didn’t last though because we were are different stages of our lives.

Yeah sure, ten years i very much okay if you’re like 40, but if you’re 20 like me… :shifty:.

Seriously. I always look at girls (and the men that’s with them of course) that’s around or under 20 with a ten year older boyfriend with a decent amount of scepticism. A few years is okay (doesn’t matter which one that is older) as long as you’re under 25. Above that, age shouldn’t be of any concern. Not completely sure why I feel this way, but I do.

My father is 11 years older than my mother. I don’t see anything strange about that.

Personally I’m not concerned about age… as long as they’re above 16, otherwise you start breaking the law :slight_smile:


One of my best relationships was with a woman 26 years my junior. She pursued me and I relented after a few months. We lived together for almost 3 years and only broke up when it was apparent she didn’t want to go through life childless and I didn’t want children. Although the break-up was tough in the beginning, we have since become very good friends. Short as it was, it was prob’ly my most satisfying relationship.

I have dated younger and older women than myself. The age thing isn’t my criteria.


As HAWK said it’s up to the people involved. If both sides are mature enough, then I don’t see the problem with age.

Nintendo should know the correct answer to this

What if both sides are equally immature? They’d still be compatible :smiley:

Yeah but this is still no one’s business

My wife is 11 years older than me :aparty:

It’s 16 in the UK? Hm…It’s 18 in the states.

my husband is 1 year younger than me!

I really don’t think age is an issue, apart from the legal stuff.

My last girlfriend was thirteen years older than I am, and we just got on really well. Like docquesting, I don’t relate well to those at my age level. More important than age is maturity and an understanding of eachother’s mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses (when you have to have them comitted :p).


I agree with ( from a Dating Trainer perspective ).
It doesn’t really matter the age ( but above 20 you might have no interest in the other ! )
Still this idea with age is an excuse! I can’t go with her because … she to old.
Come on!!! That is a lame excuse!!!
Try reading some books in the Dating area to jump over this excuse.

I used to date older women. They rocked my world!!! :aparty: