Border Radius In Css

Hello Friends,

How to Give Border Radius which is also work in ie.

This Code is Not Working in ie border-radius:5px;

Here is a good reference of what browsers support:

Your best bet is to use something like CSS3 Pie which basically takes CSS3 elements and makes them work in IE using Javascript. It’s very hacky, and in my limited experience with it, it doesn’t always play well with other elements on the page. I think your only other alternative is to do them in the old style where the rounded edges were actually images.

IMHO, if it’s your decision, don’t worry about them being rounded in IE8 if you can help it. I know that’s not always the case though.

Thank’s mawburn Now I always use this in place of border-radius

Unprefixed border-radius works in modern browsers, so unless you need to support defunct versions of IE, I wouldn’t bother with that extra stuff nowadays.