Getting border-radius into IE with JavaScript/jQuery?

I’ve been searching for a way to get border-radius working in Internet Explorer by using JavaScript or a JavaScript library like jQuery. With so many browsers now supporting border-radius, it just seems silly to me that we use all this extra markup just for rounded corners in IE.

Does anyone know of a jQuery plugin or something that will get rounded corners working in IE 7 and 8?

Not without lots of extra markup. You can look forward though to CSS support for border radius in IE9

try to have a look at


Is it acceptable to the OP for the plugin to add extra elements to the page on all web browsers, if that’s the only reasonable way for IE to enjoy that which other web browsers take for granted?

My understanding of this plugin is that it only extends existing border-radius support. Am I reading this wrong?

I may be misunderstanding what you’re looking from the original post, but if you’re wanting JavaScript to allow Internet Explorer to understand CSS border-radius declarations, that is just not capable of happening.

Try I used this recently covers: border radius, box shadow and a few other selectors and IE never looked better. is probably the best implementation I’ve seen. Quick and light.

Note–it does not work well on animated elements.