Bootstrap - change icon (glyphicons-halflings) color on hover - needed help

Hi all,

I am making a web page using twitter bootstrap, I got stuck in making side bar menu - I am using Icons (glyphicons-halflings) in my sidebar - ul-li list, I need to change the color of this Icon into white on hover.

I tried all around but not getting any solution, if I am using <i>icon-white</i> it’s showing white icon instead of grey color.

I need to change icon color on hover only, I dont want to use external Icons. I need to use bootstrap icons only and need the solution.

here is the link for your reference.

Check out:

Or please suggest me some link from where I can take help for my query, need to change Icons (glyphicons-halflings) grey to white on hover. (dont want to call external icons)

your early response appreciated.

Warm Regards

Where on your page is the stuff you want to change?

on my sidebar menu I want to change icon dark grey to white (glyphicons-halflings) on hover…

early reply appreciated.

The sprite image that you are using only has dark icons on it, so you’d need to create another one with white icons on it.