Boonex vs Buddypress?

Seems like buddypress is just Wordpress. What’s the big deal with it? Is there anything I should consider about using it over Boonex?

BuddyPress extends Wordpress blogs with membership and social networking features.

There are multiple plugins and themes available, most in free good quality mature versions, because WordPress is probably the most popular CMS.

I have worked on Boonex sites… Its got good options from chat, social media, videos,music blog as well as forum.
Its really cool application.

Thanks. That helps!

I recommend Budddypress as its with the Wordpress which is very SEO friendly and you can customize as per your requirement mostly free of cost. I have checked many social media CMS and buddypress you can make yourself and its light, takes less space and loading performance is good.

buddypress is nice but it get easily hacked due to some security reasons