Book: Build Your Own ASP.NET 4 Website Using C# & VB

Has the book “Build Your Own ASP.NET 4 Website Using C# & VB” been discontinued from production?

Are there plans for an upcoming newer version which supersedes this book? If so, when is the projected release date? Do you have any further information on this newer book?


Let’s see what @HAWK; can tell you

Hi there,
The version that we are currently selling (the 4th edition) is up to date - it was released in late last year, so there are no plans to supersede it any time soon.
We only have it available as a digital book because it is so huge that shipping is ridiculous, so we won’t be reprinting.


if you are in the market for a print version then you might find this of interest.

Hi Hawk,

Thank you for the reply.

As an educator, if my students purchased the ebook and then wanted to print/bind the ebook, is there any licensing issues with taking this approach considering the physical book will increasingly be difficult to locate and purchase over time?