BOM and these 3 characters 

hi all.

ive just put a new website online for my uncles lawfirm (gurdianlawyers
when i check the site in Firefox i get these 3 characters showing up “” at the top of the page. from what i’ve read its the BOM.

I’ve googled it and tried a few different ways to remove it but so far no luck.
anyone know how i can get rid of it?


you should consider using notepad++. you can use the options in the encoding menu to change from an encoding to another in your file. it works for me.

i don’t use dw but i suppose you have a way of setting a default encoding. you just need to find it.

I doubt it, it’s just that the DW editor can’t remove the BOM once it’s in there, for some strange reason. You’ll need another editor that shows the actual characters and remove them with that.

Or the solution you found, which is what I used to do myself until I figured out how to make DW not put it in there in the first place.

also tried opening the files in notepad and ensuring UTF-8 encoding was selected (which is was already) and saving that way, still no luck

i use dreamweaver and tried Save-As without BOM and it still occurs.

See if these links help:

It depends on your editor’s settings.

i’ve resolved the issue. i just created new html files and copied and pasted the code. previous files must have been corrupt.

thanks for your help

Hi ralph. i just went to preferences as you suggest and that option was already unchecked.

Try this:

Go to Preferences in Dw > New Document and deselect "Include Unicode Signature “BOM”.