Blogging... dangerous to health?

hi buddies…
how are you all??
blogging is a kind of work which results in lot of earning and profit but sitting all the time on your PC doing your work ultimately results in degradation of your health…what steps you guys take to maintain your health??
waiting for replies
Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to be sure to exercise regularly. Eat at least somewhat healthy. And get up from your desk several times per day to walk around and stretch. Also, get outside for some fresh air each day.

I don’t think blogging is dangerous to your health, actually it helps the person to be knowledgable and be aware of whats happening. Another advantage of blogging is that people can post and read comments.

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A little stretching will do, and of course eat on time and don’t forget to take a break:)

If the chit-chat forum discussion format is an easier way for you to understand things much more clearly then perhaps you might find the thread Ergonomics: Consider or Ignore? to be more beneficial for you? Hope that helps, although, as others have said, you’ll find plenty of help, advice, and resources on computer ergonomics from just Googling.

As for the question in the topic title - It the risk of blogging be a danger to your health would be dependant on a number of simple and complex factors. But it’s highly unlikely that blogging (even full-time) is going to be a danger to your health. At the same time, I’m not a qualified doctor!

Andrew Cooper

I really find time to make exercise because I really love to get my calories away. Then, I am eating healthy foods. I always tale multivitamins too.

I don’t think being in front of a computer leads to illness… I have a lovely healthy white glow from years of CRT displays, and I’m perfectly fine :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some simple rules.

Go to the bathroom when you need to pee. Or keep replacing chairs and always set them up in a wading pool.
Try to remember to eat. And well actually, force yourself to actually cook.
Do your dishes, keep a reasonably clean home. Make your bed.

Common sense helps. A bit of exercise, healthy eating, having a life, etc, etc, etc. :slight_smile:

thanks dude for replying… I also use Google for this but having some directions and guidances from the daily computer users on the forums help more i think and I have a kind of nature that I always understand things more clearly in a chit chat way…tons of thanks guys for replying :slight_smile:

Dude you can find lots of suggestions from Google rather asking this question here on a Internet Marketing Forum because your question relates to health. Google on ‘health tips to computer workers’ and you will find lots of useful suggestions on your topic. Hope you won’t misuse your opportunity again adding such things :wink:

You need to eat less and make some dieting to avoid any health risks. 8 to 10 hrs per day work is okey infront of the system above 10 hrs means you need to take physician help to avoid any risk. For dieting tips see here <snip>reminder: self-promotion is not allowed</snip>