Blank white space display on select option drop down although it bind data correctly?

I create dynamic drop down on angular 7 on run time but my problem is when open select option it show

white space on select option although it bind data correctly and fill correctly but my issue

How to remove blank white space when i make bind to data ?
Here below i create drop down dynamically with name and fill it

<div class="form-group" style="display: flex; align-items: center;margin-top:10px;margin-left:20px;">  
         <div *ngFor="let fil of FilterList" style="padding-bottom: 10px;margin-right: 10px;">  
           {{fil.controlName | slice:3:15}}     
           <Select id="{{fil.controlName}}" (change)="onChange($event)" class="form-control"  
             style="width:200px; margin-right:10px;" >  

             <option value="0">-Select-</option>  

             <option *ngFor="let fil2 of this.FilterBinddata" >  
               <div *ngIf="fil.controlName===fil2.filterName ">  





see image below :
blank drop down

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