Big Vehicle Owners need technical help

I am looking for an Android app or planning to get an app/site which can provide me details about my vehicles.Lets suppose I have a truck and I am using in a state for transport. I would like to know status about my truck in that app/site is:
1.About Exact Location.
2.Top 5 speed during driving.
3.Oil,Air in Tyre status.
4.Nearest petrol pump,police station and Restaurant.

You mean you want to develop and app or just download one?

If any app is available then there will be no any need for any development, However if not then I would like to have one.

There are a lot of app development companies out there to implement your idea. Just find the right company and tell them your requirement.

OK, I’m not much into cars, but there are definitely apps that will help you with location and speed thanks to GPS and accelerometer.

Number 3 kind of depends on the car.

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