How to show Real time map in a web page (position,speed) uisng php for a Vehicle

Hello all

How to show a real time map in a web page for a trucker which is moving from one point to another point using php

I will explain the situation.

I have a truck and I am going by this truck from a point to another point (A->B)
I need to show the real time position,speed,direction,coordinates etc as a balloon in a Map and need to integrate into webpage.

How can we implement this and show up in a web page

Please give me an idea

Thanks to all

How are you getting your location?

I have no idea about that.But I hope I can use GPS and get the location.

Well, I would suggest you start googling that first, because… unless you’ve got coordinates coming in from the trucker’s computer, PHP has no idea where the trucker is (Might be able to get general information based on his IP, but nowhere near GPS-quality. My IP says i’m about 100 miles north of where i actually am.)