Best way to make a image uploader that can resize+crop+compress?

the best way i can describe what i want is to link you to the following website basiclly the user uploads an image and they can draw a crop box around it and crop it like so.

I want a very similar thing, but my crop box would be fixed to say (640x480px.). and teh compression would be at a fixed level aswel.

I have played with php upload scripts, but i would guess the croping is done with some java script (of which i am very new too)?

Thank you for any help

You might want to consider the Imagick module for PHP.

Are you planning to crop, or resize? If cropping, you will probably need javascript to establish the kept part of the image’s offset from the original’s top left corner.



But the question is do you want the image to be cropped before uploaded or the other way around. In the example a image is first uploaded and than cropped